The eco²building system is about to be launched on the European market. The European Commission supports the initiative with a start-up funding. This three-year eco-innovation project substitutes conventional steel sandwich profiles in commercial buildings by our environmentally friendly eco²building system.


Buildings account for the largest share of energy use (around 40%) worldwide. In order to reach the agreed climate protection targets, insufficiently insulated and pollutive industrial and commercial buildings need to be replaced by more resource and energy efficient buildings. Appropriate technologies are already widely applied in the residential sector, but are rarely found in industrial- and commercial buildings.


The aim of the project is to launch a solution for commercial buildings in the European market which allows to save about 90% of the energy for heating and 90% of the consumption of resources for the envelope compared to conventional commercial buildings - while still being economically priced.


This is made possible by the eco²building construction system, which was jointly developed and demonstrated by architects, timber construction engineers, building services and software engineers within the EC funded research project IP-SME “HOLIWOOD” (FP6, contract no. 011799-2). It is the first complete construction system developed for commercial and industrial buildings based on prefabricated timber frame modules, reaching ‘passive house quality’.