The work of NILsimtos focuses on the fabrication of organic thin film transistors (OTFT) with sub µm resolution of the channel length with hotembossing Nanoimprint lithography. The first stamps for these experiments will be produced by e-beam lithography on Si wafers. The OTFTs will have different channel length to enable the determination of the contact resistance on one set of experiment. Additionally, the performance of the transistors will be improved by applying different priming layers that will be invested within this project. This work will be done at JOANNEUM RESEARCH-NMP. The two partners from TU Graz will on the one hand side (TUG-IF) characterize the OTFTs at high and low temperatures (down to 2.5 K) with a specially designed measuring stage. The contact resistance will be determined in dependence on different temperatures. The other partner from TU Graz (ITP) develops and establishes a transistor model based on drift/diffusion theories to predict and deeply understand the influence of the longitudinal and vertical electric field strengths, local doping, the trap density, the surface polarity, the contact resistance, and the film morphology on the device characteristics.