NILaustria project cluster

Large area nanostructuring is one of the main problems in nanotechnology. Within the NILaustria project cluster the consortium uses Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) to provide a versatile and cost efficient solution to achieve ultra high quality, large area nanostructures. In all variants of NIL, a nanostructured stamp is brought into contact with the substrate, resulting in a pattern transfer. Within NILaustria Hot embossing, UV-based nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) and micro- or nano-contact printing (µ-/n-CP) are used.

Nanoimprint Lithography exhibits numerous advantages as ultra high resolution and high throughput at the same time, direct 2.5 dimensional structuring capability in a cost efficient and fast process implemented in a comparably simple and inexpensive machine. The idea behind NILaustria is to advance NIL by using it for various applications in basic as well as applied research and also addressing bottlenecks like stamp fabrication. The use of NIL for different processes and purposes will improve its performance and its possibilities to find a large range of industrial uses. With nanotechnology on the brink of its full commercial impact NIL could be the essential tool to make its full potential available and NILaustria is ready to supply the necessary input.

The efforts of NILaustria will result in the establishment of a strong knowledge and technology base for nanoimprint lithography in Austria, which will be visible at a European and international level. Various challenges of high relevance in the scientific community will be tackled in the different NILaustria projects, which make this cluster a truly interdisciplinary one.

NILaustria is a project cluster within the Austrian Nanoinitiative ( It consists of a part dedicated to project management (called NILaustria) and 8 RTD projects (3 BI and 5 BII) projects which are directly application driven. NIL is a central topic in all projects, mainly as a fabrication technology, but also as a target market. Via this all projects are strongly cross linked by different aspects of NIL, which will be represented in dedicated inter-project task forces. 

NILaustria was just prolonged and has now just started its second 3-year period. 

More information on the individual projects and the project consortium can be found on this webpage. The links to the individual projects can be found on the top right of this page. The links on the left side will change accordingly.