Short Project Description

The project NIL stamp replication deals with the fabrication of working stamps from expensive masters generated by electron beam or focused ion beam lithography. These working stamps will be used for nano contact printing (n-CP) and UV-based nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) for creating feature sizes in the sub 50 nm-range. The target application is the manufacturing of next generation hard disks (patterned media), as the hard disc industry is looking for new innovative production technologies for achieving area densities in the range of Tb/in². Patterned media technology include disc track recording (DTR) and bit patterned media (BPM). While in DTR concentric rings have to be patterned on discs up to 3.5 inch in diameter, BPM calls for tiny patterned dots.


Schematic presentation of UV-NIL and n-CP processes for the fabrication of patterned media