The aim of the project NILecho is the development of a technology for organic electronic devices and circuits on flexible substrates operating at high frequencies. Submicron, ultra-fast organic complementary circuits are envisaged to be realised by use of hot-embossing NIL, a reel-to-reel compatible method combining high resolution and large-area production.

Organic electronics have become a promising technology for applications requiring large-area coverage, mechanical flexibility and low temperature processing. The implementation of organic electronics in various market fields is in fast progress and the organic contribution to all-day electronic devices is forecasted to massively enhance within the next 20 years.
A reduction of the critical dimensions of organic thin film transistors towards the submicron channel length regime opens new perspectives for switching frequencies in the MHz region.

The technology for achieving such dramatic increases of the switching speed in representative organic circuits is based on NIL hot embossing, an innovative and seminal reel-to-reel compatible, fast and parallel high-resolution patterning technique in the field of nanoimprint lithography.

Envisaged application fields are logic and memory, organic lighting, power devices, sensors, displays for electronic products and active and passive matrix components.