NILmaterials focusses on the development of a new generation of nanoimprint materials. These materials belong to the class of inorganic-organic hybridmaterials based on functionalized silsesquioxanes (SSQ). Novel functionalized SSQ materials will be synthesized, formulated to UV-curing imprint materials and their performance will be shown within the use of ionic stamps for µ/n-contact printing, as well as working stamp material with inherent anti-adhesive properties.

A feature of this project is the broadening of the possibilities of the use of materials basing on POSS (Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane) in imprint lithography. Methods of polymerization/curing and functionalization, the applicability of POSS derived polymers as stamp material as well as imprint resist, the aligned deposition of biomolecules like proteins and anti-bodies using stamps from ionogenic functionalized POSS polymer, and the development of novel, POSS based inks for ink jet printing. Meanwhile, surface structured imprints from a low surface energy perfluoro alkyl functionalized polymer were obtained. The size of the features is about 200 nm. Additionally, stamps from anionic functionalized POSS polymer were used for the aligned deposition of the biomolecule avidin. First ink jet experiments with POSS based inks on silicon surfaces were successful.


Ink Jet Printing : Low-energy-surface imprint from an ink basing on POSS

Avidin imprint: height image

SEM micrograph cross section: Imprint from a modified POSS polymer