Registration form for the NILindustrialday 2014


Hotel reservation:


The NILindustrialday will take place in Linz, Upper Austria. We recommend to book a room in one of the four hotels listed below. In each of these hotels a room contingent with a special rate is available until 31/01/2014:


(1) Spitz Hotel: www.spitzhotel.at

Standard Room: EUR 109,- (incl. breakfast, internet and VAT); key word: NILindustrialday 2014, > reservation form


(2) Austria Classic Hotel Wolfinger: www.hotelwolfinger.at

Standard Room: EUR 86,- (incl. breakfast, internet and VAT); key word: NILindustrialday 2014


(3) Austria Trend Hotel Schillerpark: www.austria-trend.at/Hotel-Schillerpark

Standard Room: EUR 89,- (incl. breakfast, internet and VAT); key word: NILindustrialday 2014


(4) Park Inn Linz http://www.parkinn.com/hotel-linz

Standard Room: EUR 106,- (incl. breakfast, internet and VAT); key word: Profactor Abrufkontingent 120314, > reservation form



Conference registration:

Please select your registration fee.
excl. VAT

Participation information:

Please select the meals & social events you plan to attend.

Wed., March 12, 2014

Thu., March 13, 2014
Final meeting of NILaustria BIG (for members only)

Fri,. March 14, 2014

Social activities*:

Sat,. March 15, 2014
Skiing day trip*:

*Separate fees apply for these acitvities and have to be paid on site.
    Visit: voestalpine Stahlwelt
    Dinner: Schlossbrasserie
    Skiing: Hinterstoder


Before you continue the registration for the NILindustrialday 2014, please arrange the accomodation for your stay.
You'll find the links to three recommend hotels in Linz at the top of the page.

If you are staying in a hotel,
please specify the duration of your visit and in which hotel you are going to stay.
I booked my room

2014 in the following Hotel:

Spitz Hotel
Austria Classic Hotel Wolfinger
Austria Trend Hotel Schillerpark
Park Inn
other hotel
other accommodation.



Please select the workshop you plan to attend for each day.

Day 1, Thu, March 13, 2014 (16:10 - 17:45)
Workshop 1: Large area stamps
Workshop 2: Materials for NIL
Workshop 3: NIL for Additive Manufacturing (limited number of participants)

Day 2, Fri, March 14, 2014 (10:40 - 12:10)
Workshop 4: Nano injection molding
Workshop 5: NIL for Life Sciences (limited number of participants)
Workshop 6: NIL roadmap


Which specific issues should be adressed during the NILindustrialday 2014?

* During the course of the NILindustrialday 2014 a jury will select and award the most relevant input.